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About Me

My background in retail manufacturing and sales at Camden Market London back in the 1980's was a superb time of my life. Allowing me to meet other street fashion designers of the time, meeting famous celebrities, and sometimes either my unique designs and sometimes myself and friends were enlisted for tv shows and adverts (Britvic 55 with Dusty Springfield is one advert that can be seen on youtube), and even some televised fashion shows that ran in the early 1980's.

My training began in the early 1980's at the London College of Fashion where I learned all aspects from design through to manufacture. It gave me the base I needed to combine my passion for street fashion and my passion for music. It really felt like we were on the pulse of youth in the 1980's, where Camden Market every weekend was fuelled with people dressing up to go shopping and just hang out, to be seen. We had a fantastic mix of street cultures from Punk, Skin, Ska, Mod, Rockabilly and Rock. We seemed to know everybody, and all upcoming events were known about through flyers and fanzines, it was all pre social media, but worked just as successfully. And the clothes scene was so important to that time. The diversity of clothes at that time was made by designers of the same ilk, we were on the pulse of what was going on, there was no real high street fashion.

Once having children I returned to Devon to become mother, and as they have grown. I have rekindled my love for funky fabrics and creating different products than the norm.

About the Business

The light bulb moment occurred trying to find cheerful covers for the seats of my VW T4. I needed the covers as a practical solution to protect the seats from muddy paws and messy fingers. But the covers don't have to be black and baggy! I wanted covers that could be removed to wash in the domestic machine, but also looked funky and show our own style.

Initially I sourced some superb prints which looked great as car seat covers, and they sold. Some customers began asking if I could help them source fabrics to achieve their personal style in car seat covers.

And so the business grew, supplying two different options; a buy it now option in a choice of about 10 fabric designs. And a bespoke custom service where the customer contacts me to discuss, then I source fabrics to make the covers that they want to see in their car or van. I liaise quite closely with the customer to ensure we get it right. It works really well, and I ship many of funkmyseat covers across to America, even making supersize covers for their American Trucks.

If the customer wants a bespoke custom order then its easy to contact me, to let me know what covers and fabric designs they want. I also make rock and roll covers for the seat that converts into a bed in vans, of which there are many varieties, and I need to take the mechanism of the seat into account, so that the covers fit well, look good, and are practical. I really need to communicate efficiently getting dimensions, and perhaps a picture or two. The customer and I work together to get the look they want in their van.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have covers made in fabric of my choice?

YES we are happy for you to source your fabrics, and we have made covers from pre-loved curtains.

Can I have air bag compatibility in my car/van seat covers?

YES just request this at point of transaction.

Do you make covers for Van seats?

YES a large part of our business is making covers to fit you Van, including Captain's chairs, Arm rest covers and 'rock and roll' 'seat to bed' covers. We request that you send measurements of the Rock and Roll seat then we can ensure the perfect fit.

Does it cost more to have covers made from my choice of fabrics?

Not really, depending on the price of the fabric. And we do have the ability to make covers to your requirements at little extra charge.

What fabrics do you use?

We prefer robust fabrics like upholstery fabric, or fabric with a high lycra content (plastic doesn't rip), however if you want to source fabric of your design choice and it isn't robust, then we can back the fabric for support.